School Site Council​

School Site Council Members

​Jenna Bates
Feaster Staff
​Ana Cabral 
​Reginald DePass
Feaster Staff
​Stephanie Dominguez
​Feaster Staff
​Blanca Garcia
​Laura Gates
​Feaster Staff
​Dora Gonzalez
​Ashely Lopez
​Laura Macias
​Sarah Motsinger
Feaster ​Staff
​Elizabeth Silva
Feaster ​Staff
​Melissa Benton (Alternate)
Feaster ​Staff
​Michelle Gallegos (Alternate)
​Feaster Staff
​Irazu Noguez (Alternate)
​Angelica Sleiman (Alternate)
​Feaster Staff

Frequently Used Documents and Links

SSC Bylaws
Feaster Charter SSC Bylaws.pdf
​SSC Roles and Responsibilities
Role and Function of School Site Council.pdf

Board Minutes, Agendas, and General Information​

Resources for 5/15/2019 Meeting 

SSC Agenda for 5/15/2019
SSC Agenda 5.15.19.pdf

Resources for 12/12/2018 Meeting 

SSC Minutes from 12/12/2018
SSC Minutes 12.12.18.pdf

Minutes from 8/15/18

SSC Minutes from 8/15/18
SSC Minutes 8.15.18.pdf

Resources for 8/15 Meeting 

SSC Minutes from 5/16/18
SSC Minutes 5.16.18.pdf
​SSC Agenda for 8/15/18
SSC Agenda 8.15.18.pdf 

Resources for 5/16/18 Meeting 

SSC Minutes from April 
SSC Minutes - 4.11.18.pdf
SSC May Agenda
SSC Agenda 5.16.18.pdf

Resources for 4/19/18 Meeting 

SSC Minutes from March 
SSC Minutes - 3.18.18.pdf
SSC April Agenda
SSC Agenda 4.11.18.pdf

Resources for 3/08/18 Meeting 

​SSC March Agenda
SSC Minutes - 3.18.18.pdf
​Roles and Responsibilities
SSC Training.pdf
Feaster Charter SSC Bylaws.pdf