Board Member Contact Information

​Marozana Bañaga
​Certificated Representative (alternate)
​Anna Cabral
​Parent Representative
​Graciela Chavez
​Community Representative
​Melissa Gonzales
​Classified Representative (alternate)
Justin Hill
​Certificated Representative
​Marta Lara
​Classified Representative
​Meagan Larios 
​Community Representative​
​Bryan Mays
​Parent Representative (alternate)
​Irazu Noguez
​Parent Representative
​Robert Sandoval
​Parent Representative 
​Francisco Velasco​​Secretary of the Board - Executive Director​​​​​francisco.velasco@cvesd.org ​​

2019/2020 Board Meetings ​​​

Feaster Charter, Room 401
Feaster Charter, Room 401
Feaster Charter, Room 401
Feaster Charter, Room 401
​4:30Feaster Charter, Room 401
​4:30Feaster Charter, Room 401​
​Feaster Charter, Room 401
​Feaster Charter, Room 401

Frequently Used Documents and Links

Salary Schedule for Certificated Staff
FCS  Teacher Salary Schedule.pdf
​Feaster Charter Document (2017-2022)
Charter Petition - 2017-2022.pdf
Feaster Charter Bylaws ​
Feaster By-Laws 2020.pdf
​Election Results 08.2019
Election Results 2019 08.26.19.pdf

Charter Board Openings 07.2019

​Community Member
Community 07.2019.pdf
​Parent Representative
Parent Representative - English.pdf
Parent Representative - Spanish.pdf

Parent Representative - Voting ​​Routines, Procedures and Dates

Parent Representative Voting Letter 08.2019.pdf

Board Minutes, Agendas, and General Information

 Notice of Adjournment from CVESD
​Adjournment from the Meeting
of the Budget Advisory Committee

Resources for 8/26/2020 Board Meeting 
​Board Agenda for 8/26/2020
Board Agenda 8-26-20.pdf
​Board Minutes from 5/13/2020
Board Minutes 5-13-20.pdf
Feaster Budget
Feaster Budget.pdf
​Zoom Meeting Norms
Zoom Meeting Norms.png
​Learning Continuity Plan
DRAFT Learning Continuity Plan Summary.pdf
DRAFT 2020_Learning_Continuity_and_Attendance_Plan.pdf

Resources for 5/13/2020 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Agenda for 5/13/2020
Board Agenda 5-13-20.pdf
​Board Minutes from 3/11/2020
Board Minutes 3-11-20.pdf
Feaster By-Laws
Feaster By-Laws May 2020.pdf
COVID-19 Operations Written Report for Chula Vista Elementary School District
​2020 LCAP Report
​CVESD Negotiations
​2020.2021 Proposed Salary Schedule 

 Resources for 3/11/2020 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Agenda for 3/11/202
Board Agenda 3-11-20.pdf
​Board Minutes from 2/12/2020
Board Minutes 2-12-20.pdf
March & April Newsletter
March April 2020 Newsletter (2).pdf
Feaster By-Laws
Feaster By-Laws 2020.pdf

 Resources for 2/12/2020 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Agenda for 2/12/20
Board Agenda 2-12-20.pdf
​Board Minutes from 1/22/2020
Board Minutes 1-22-20.pdf
February Newsletter
February 2020 Newsletter.pdf
​HR Business HR Business (Consent5B).pdf
HR Business (Consent5B).pdf
​Charter Budget
Feaster Revenue 2019-20.pdf
Charter Budget Summary First Interim 2019-20.pdf

 Resources for 1/22/2020 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Agenda for 1/22/20
Board Agenda 1-22-20.pdf
​Board Minutes from 11/13/2019
Board Minutes 11-13-19 (Consent 5A).pdf
​December/January Newsletter
December 2019 and January 2020 Newsletter.pdf
​HR Business 
HR Business (Consent5B).pdf

 Resources for 11/13/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Agenda for 11/13/19
Board Agenda 11.13.19.pdf
Minutes from 10/16/19
Board Minutes 10.16.19.pdf
FCS Board Calendar
2020 2021 Modernization Calendar.pdf
​Draft Calendar for 2020/2021
2019-2020 Feaster Modernization Calendar DRAFT.pdf
Modernization - Timeline of Events        
Feaster Moving Timeline of Events.pdf

 Resources for 10/16/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Agenda for 10/16/2019
Board Agenda 10-16-19.pdf
Minutes from 9/4/2019
Board Minutes 09-04-19.pdf
​October Newsletter
October Newsletter.pdf
​Draft Calendar for 2020/2021
2019-2020 Feaster Modernization Calendar DRAFT.pdf
​Feaster Revenue and Expenses Report
Feaster Revenue and Expenses.pdf
​Feaster Incentive Plan
Feaster Incentive Plan.pdf

 Resources for 9/4/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Agenda for 9/4/2019
Board Agenda 09-04-19.pdf
​Brown Act
Brown Act and School Boards.pdf
​September Newsletter
September 2019 Newsletter.pdf

 Resources for 8/8/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 6/12/2019
Board Minutes 6-12-19.pdf
​Board Agenda for 8/8/2019
Board Agenda 8-8-19.pdf
 Resources for 6/12/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 5/30/2019
Board Minutes 5-30-19.pdf
Board Agenda for 6/12/2019
Board Agenda 6-12-19.pdf
​Incentive Guidelines 
Incentive Guidelines.pdf
​Feaster Goals
Feaster Goals.pdf
​Board Elections
Election Results 2019 08.26.19.pdf

 Resources for 5/30/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 5/15/2019
Board Minutes 5-15-19.pdf
Board Agenda for 5/30/2019
Board Agenda 5-30-19.pdf

 Resources for 5/15/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 5/8/2019
Board Minutes 5-8-19.pdf
Board Agenda for 5/15/2019
Board Agenda 5-15-19.pdf
​PD Plan for 2019/2020
PD Plan 19-20.pdf
​iPad Quote
​Copy Machine Quote
Copy Machine Quote.pdf

 Resources for 5/8/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 4/16/2019
Board Minutes 4-16-19.pdf
Board Agenda for 5/8/2019
Board Agenda 5-8-19.pdf
​iPad Quote
iPad Quote.pdf
​Teacher Retention
Teacher Retention Proposal.pdf

 Resources for 4/16/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 4/10/2019
Board Minutes 4-10-19.pdf
Board Agenda for 4/16/2019
Board Agenda 4-16-19.pdf
Independent Auditor Document
Charter School Independent Auditor Selection-Feaster.pdf

 Resources for 4/10/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 3/13/2019
Board Minutes 3-13-19.pdf
Board Agenda for 4/10/2019
Board Agenda 4-10-19.pdf
2019/2020 ​School Calendar
2019-20 Feaster School Calendar.pdf

 Resources for 3/13/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 2/20/2019
Board Minutes 2-20-19.pdf
Board Agenda for 3/13/2019
Board Agenda.pdf
​Draft of Board Revision Policies
Feaster Charter Draft Revision Policies.pdf
​2019/2020 Draft Calendar
2019-20 Feaster School Student Calendar DRAFT copy.pdf

 Resources for 2/20/2019 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 1/23/2019
Board Minutes 1-23-19.pdf
Board Agenda for 2/20/2019
Board Agenda 2-20-19.pdf
​Draft of Board Revision Policies
Feaster Charter Draft Revision Policies.pdf
​Shrek Jr. Production
Shrek Flyer.pdf
​2019/2020 Draft Calendar
2019-20 Feaster School Student Calendar DRAFT copy.pdf

 Resources for 1/23/19 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 12/5/2018
Board Minutes 12-05-18.pdf
Board Agenda for 1/23/2019
Board Agenda 1-23-19.pdf

 Resources for 12/5/18 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 11/17/18
Board Minutes 11-14-18.pdf
Board Agenda for 12/5/18
Board Agenda 12-05-18.pdf

 Resources for 11/14/18 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 10/14/18
Board Minutes 10-17-18.pdf
Board Agenda for 11/17/18
Board Agenda 11-14-18.pdf
2018/209 Feaster Calendar for Approval
18-19 Feaster School Calendar MinDays copy.pdf

 Resources for 10/17/18 Board Meeting ​​​​
Board Minutes from 9/12/18   
Board Minutes 09-12-18.pdf
Board Agenda for 10/17/18
Board Agenda 10-17-18 (1).pdf
​TV Projector Cost Estimate
Moble Device Management Quote.pdf
​2018/2019 School Calendar 
18-19 Feaster School Calendar MinDays.pdf
​Longetivity Retention Program
Feaster Charter School Retention Program 3.pdf
Feaster Charter School Retention Program 2.pdf

 Resources for 9/12/18 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 8/15/18
Board Minutes 08-15-18.pdf
​Board Agenda for 9/12/18
Board Agenda 09-12-18.pdf
​Mobile Device Management 
Moble Device Management Quote.pdf

 Resources for 8/15/18 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 5/16/18
Board Minutes 05-16-18.pdf
​Board Agenda for 8/15/18
Board Agenda 08-15-18.pdf

 Resources for 5/16/18 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 4/11/18
Board Minutes 04-11-18.pdf
​Board Agenda for 5/16/18
Board Agenda 05-16-18.pdf
Goals 16-17
Goals 16-17.pdf
Software Needs
Software Needs.pdf
​Benchmark Curriculum Proposal
TK-5 ProposalFeaster.pdf
Proposal_Grade 6 STA.pdf
​Software Needs
Software Needs.pdf
​PD Plan
PD Plan 18-19.pdf

 Resources for 4/11/18  Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 2/21/18
Board Minutes 02-21-18.pdf
​Board Agenda for 4/11/18
Board Agenda 04-11-18.pdf
Goals 2016/2017
Goals 16-17.pdf
​Calendar - For Approval Only 
2018-19 Feaster School Calendar.pdf
​Nurse Salary
Nurse Salary Schedule.pdf
​PD Plan
PD Plan 18-19.pdf
​Software Needs
Software Needs.pdf

 Resources for 2/21/18  Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 11/15/17
Board Minutes 11-15-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 2/21/18
Board Agenda 02-21-18.pdf
Title I Addendum
Title I Addendum.pdf 

Resources for 11/15/17  Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 10/18/17
Board Minutes 10-18-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 11/15/17
Board Agenda 11-15-17.pdf
LCAP Overview
LCAP Overview 17-18 Executive Summary.pdf
​School Safety Plan
2017_Comprehensive_School_Safety_Plan_Mae_L_Feaster_Charter_Elementary_School_20171018 copy.pdf

 Resources for 10/18/17  Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 9/6/17
Board Minutes 9-06-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 10/18/17 
Board Agenda 10-18-17.pdf
October Newsletter
Feaster Charter Newsletter-Oct.pdf
Charter Document
Charter pgs 7 and 8.pdf
​VAPA Brochure 
VAPA Brochure PDF.pdf
​School Safety Plan
2017_Comprehensive_School_Safety_Plan_Mae_L_Feaster_Charter_Elementary_School_20171018 copy.pdf

 Resources for 9/6/17 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 7/26/17
Board Minutes 7-26-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 9/6/17
Board Agenda 9-06-17.pdf
September Newsletter
September Newsletter 2017.pdf
​VAPA Brochure
VAPA Brochure.pdf

 Resources for 7/26/17 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 5/23/17
Board Minutes 5-23-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 7/26/17
Board Agenda 7-26-17.pdf
2017/2018 School Calendar
2017-18 School Calendar.pdf
July Newsletter
July 2017 Newsletter.pdf
Back to School Night
Back to School Night 2017.pdf
Parent Representative Recruitment Notification​
Board Recruitment Letter 17-18.pdf
​Community Representative Recruitment Notification
Feaster Charter Community Rep.pdf

 Resources for 5/23/17 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 5/10/17
Board Minutes 5-10-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 5/23/17
Board Agenda 5-23-17.pdf
​Feaster PDs
PD Plan 17-18.pdf
​LCAP Overview
LCAP Overview 17-18.pdf
​Revenue and Expense Summary
Revenue Expenses Summary.pdf

 Resources for 5/10/17 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 4/12/17
Board Minutes 4-12-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 5/10/17
Board Agenda 5-10-17.pdf
​Feaster PDs
Feaster's PD Plan 17-18.pdf
​iPads Quote
iPads Quote.pdf
​May Newsletter
May Newsletter.pdf
​Revenue and Expense Report
Revenue Expenses Summary.pdf
Goals 2016/2017 
Incentives 2016 2017.pdf

  ​Resources for 4/12/17 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 3/7/17
Board Minutes 3-7-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 4/12/17
Board Agenda 4-12-17.pdf
​2nd Interim Report
2nd Interim Report.pdf
Goals 16-17 2.pdf
​School Calendar
2017-18 Feaster School Calendar.pdf
​April Newsletter
April newsletter.pdf

 ​​ ​Resources for 3/7/17 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 2/22/17
Board Minutes 2-22-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 3/7/17
Board Agenda 3-7-17.pdf
​Charter Petition
Charter Petition Final.pdf
​Playground Quote
Feaster Charter Playground 2-2017.pdf

​ ​​ ​Resources for 2/22/17 Board Meeting ​​​​
​Board Minutes from 1/18/17
Board Minutes 1-18-17.pdf
​Board Agenda for 2/22/17
Board Agenda 2-22-17.pdf
​2017/2018 Calendar
2017-18 Feaster School Calendar.pdf
Feaster AVID Quote​
​Playground Turf Quote
Playground - Turf.pdf 
​Feaster First Interim Report
FCS First Interim 2016-17.pdf

Resources for 1/18/17 Board Meeting ​

Board Minutes from 11/16/16

Board Minutes 11-17-16.pdf

Board Agenda for 1/18/17

Board Agenda 1-18-17.pdf



Revenue and Expense Summary

FCS First Interim 2016-17.pdf

January Newsletter

Feaster Newsletter - January.pdf

​ ​​ ​Resources for 11/16/16 Board Meeting ​​
​Board Minutes from 10/25/16
​ ​Board Minutes 10-25-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 11/16/16Board Agenda 11-17-16.pdf

​ ​Resources for 10/25/2016 Special Board Meeting ​​
​Board Minutes from 10/12/16
​​Board Minutes 10-12-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 10/25/16Board Agenda 10-25-16.pdf
​Human Resources PowerPointPrincipal HR Meeting.pdf

​​ ​​​ ​Resources for 10/12/2016 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 9/7/16
Board Minutes 9-7-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 10/12/16Board Agenda 10-12-16.pdf
​Charter Board PresentationCharter Board Presentation (minutes).pdf

​​ ​Resources for 9/7/2016 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 8/10/2016Board Minutes 8-10-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 9/7/2016Board Agenda 9-7-16.pdf
​Expenses and Chargebacks 2015.2016 Unaudited Rev ExpRevRptChargebacks copy.pdf


Resources for 8/10/2016 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 5/25/16
Board Minutes 5-25-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 8/10/16Board Agenda 8-10-16.pdf
​Feaster IncentivesFeaster Incentives.pdf
​Charter Budget Summary Charter Budgets Summary Estimated Actuals 2015-16 Feaster.pdf

​​ ​ ​​​ ​​ ​Resources for 5/25/2016 Board Meeting 
Board Minutes from 5/18/2016​
Board Minutes 5-18-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 5/25/2016Board Agenda 5-25-16.pdf
​Feaster Incentives ​​Feaster Incentives.pdf

​​ ​​​ ​​ ​Resources for 5/18/2016 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 4/13/2016
Board Minutes 4-13-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 5/18/2016Board Agenda 5-18-16.pdf
​Feaster IncentivesFeaster Incentives.pdf
Feaster LCAP​Feaster LCAP 15-16.pdf
​PD Plan for 2016-2017PD Plan 16-17.pdf
​Feaster Budget ​​Feaster's Updated Budget.pdf

​​ ​​ ​Resources for 4/13/2016 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from ​3/8/2016
​​Board Minutes 3-08-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 4/13/2016​​Board Agenda 4-13-16.pdf
​2016/2017 Calendar for Approval 2016-17 FEASTER Calendar.pdf
​Budget and Financial Reports ​​Feaster 2015-16 MPP copy.pdf
Feaster MPP Calc 2nd Int 2015-16-2 copy.pdf
Purchases July thru March copy.pdf
Second Interim Reports copy.pdf
​Professional Development Plan for ReviewPD Plan 16-17.pdf

​ ​Resources for 3/8/2016 Special Board Meeting ​​​ ​​​ ​
Board Minutes from 2/24/2016​​
Board Minutes 2-24-16-2.pdf
​Board Agenda for 3/8/2016Board Agenda 3-08-16.pdf

​​​​Resources for 2/24/2016 Board Meeting ​​​ ​​​ ​
​Board Minutes from 1/20/2016
Board Minutes 1-20-16.pdf
​Board Agenda for 2/24/2016Board Agenda 2-24-16.pdf
​Procopio & Feaster Agreement Procopio and Feaster Agreement.pdf
​Feaster Middle School AVIDFeaster MS AVID implementation Pricing 2016-2017.pdf
​CARS Data Collection15-16 CARS Data Collection-2.pdf
Class Dojo ​Class Dojo.pdf
​Revenue and Expenses SummaryFeaster First Interim Summary and Revenues2015-2016-3 copy.pdf 

​​Resources for 1/20/2016 Board Meeting ​​​ ​
​Board Minutes from 12/09/15
Board Minutes 12-09-15-2.pdf
​Board Agenda for 1/20/2015Board Agenda 1-20-16.pdf
​Feaster ExpensesFeasterExpenses 2015-16.pdf
​​Feaster First Interim Summary and Revenues for 2015/2016Feaster First Interim Summary and Revenues2015-2016.pdf
​AVID - Funding Sources AVID Funding Sources.pdf
​AVID - Pricing Sheet AVID Pricing_Sheet.pdf
​AVID - State Priorities AVID Meeting the 8 State Priorities.pdf
​AVID - Impact AVID_impact.pdf
​AVID Snapshot AVID_snapshot.pdf 

​​​Resources for 11/18/2015 Board Meeting ​ ​
​Board Minutes from 11/18/2015
Board Minutes 11-18-15 Updated.pdf
Board Minutes from 10/14/2015Board Minutes 10-14-15.pdf
​​Board Agenda for 11/18/2015Board Agenda 11-18-15.pdf
​By Laws Feaster By-Laws.pdf
​Charter Petition Charter Petition - Feaster.pdf 

​​​Resources for 10/14/2015 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 9/2/2015
Board Minutes 9-2-15.pdf
​Board Agenda for 10/14/2015Board Agenda 10-14-15.pdf
​By Laws Feaster By-Laws.pdf
​Charter Petition Charter Petition - Feaster.pdf ​

​​​Resources for 9/2/2015 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 8/5/2015Board Minutes 8-5-15.pdf
​Board Agenda for 9/2/2015Board Agenda 9-2-15-2.pdf

​​​Resources for 8/5/2015 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 6/03/2015
​Board Agenda for 8/5/2015Board Agenda 8-5-15.pdf​​​

​​​Resources for 4/15/2015 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 2/18/2015
Board Minutes 2-18-15.pdf​​​
​Board Agenda for 4/15/2015Board Agenda 4-15-15-.pdf

​​​Resources for 1/21/2015 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 11/19/2014
Board Minutes 11-19-14.pdf
​Board Agenda for 1/21/2015Board Agenda 1-21-15.pdf

​​​Resources for 10/22/2014 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 09/09/2014Board Minutes 9-9-14.pdf​​
​Board Agenda for 10/22/2014Board Agenda 10-22-14.pdf

​​​Resources for 9/9/2014 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 08/05/14
Board Minutes 08-5-14.pdf
​Board Agenda for 09/09/2014Board Agenda 9.9.14.pdf​​​​
​Feaster Charter Board Election Results 8/2014Feaster Charter Board Elections Results 8.2014.pdf​  
​Feaster Charter Feaster Charter 2012-2017.pdf​ ​​

​​​Resources for 8/5/2014 Board Meeting 
​Board Minutes from 06/03/2014BoardMinutes6-03-14.pdf
​Board Agenda for 08/05/2014
Board Agenda 8-5-14.pdf​​