‚ÄčLocal Control Accountability Plan

All Local Education Agencies (LEAs) - School Districts, County Offices of Education, and charters - are required to produce an LCAP, demonstrating how the LCFF funds are linked to meeting the needs of all students.

The Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is Discovery's three year plan for how it will use Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) funding to serve all students, including English learners, low-income students, and foster youth. The LCFF is California's new funding formula for determining the level of state funding provided to school districts. The formula increases funding to improve the learning outcomes for state-identified target groups of students including English Learners, Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students, Students with Disabilities, and Foster Youth/Homeless Youth.

LCAP Supplement and Budget Overview for Parents Discovery Charter Board presentation Feb. 8, 2022  (click here)


Mid-Year Expenditures Monitoring for the LCAP 2021-22 Annual Update  (click here)


MOY Budget Overview for Parents (click here)


Supplement Annual Update to the 21-22 LCAP   (click here)

LCFF Budget Overview for Parents June 6, 2021  (click here)

Local Control Accountability Plan (click here)

Annual Update for Developing the 2021-22 Local Control and Accountability Plan (click here)

Expanded Learning Opportunities Grant Plan (click here)

ESSER III Expenditure Plan  (click here)

LCFF Budget Overview (click here)

2019-2020 Discovery LCAP Documents

COVID-19 Operations Written Report June 4, 2020 (click here)

2019 - 2020 DCS LCAP Documents - Approved by the DCS Board of Directors on Thursday, June 6, 2019

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2018-2019 Discovery LCAP Documents

2018- 2019 Discovery LCAP - Approved by the DCS Board of Directors on June 7, 2018 [click to view or download]

2018- 2019 Discovery LCAP Federal Funding Addendum - Approved by the DCS Board of Directors on Dec. 13, 2018 [click to view or download]

2018-2019 Discovery LCAP Infographic and Snapshot [click to view or download]

2018-2019 Discovery LCAP Executive Summary [click to view or download]

Older Discovery LCAP Documents

2017-2018 Discovery LCAP - Adopted June 8, 2017 (click to view or download)