Fine Arts​ at Discovery

Discovery STEAM Charter School has an amazing Fine Arts program based on an 11 week rotation schedule.  Over the course of the year, all K-6 students take PE, engineering, art, drama, music, and technology focusing on preparing students for Career and College Readiness and enriching 21st century skills!

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Kindergarten students develop different locomotor skills such as walking, jogging, running, hopping, jumping, and galloping. They cultivate these skills through fun games of freeze dance, musical dots/hoops, and builders and bulldozers. In these activities, students also learn to move into open space while staying within personal boundaries. Students are exposed to using different types of PE equipment such as balls, hula hoops, scarfs, and bean bags and use these objects to help practice dribbling, kicking, throwing, and catching.  They also learn about directions such as up, down, right, left, in, out, forward, and backwards.

Primary Grade PE:
Students in 1st – 3rd grade we have been having been focusing on fun ways to be physically active. We have learned many different types of tag, where we focus on moving safely within our boundaries, having positive social interactions with our peers, and developing our locomotor skills. We have also been focusing on kicking, dribbling, throwing and catching through fun games and traditional sports activities.

Upper Grade PE:
Students in 4th – 6th grades further develop fun ways to be physically active, increase muscular strength, and expand their fitness knowledge. The 4th graders learn some fun games that will develop their running endurance and muscular strength, preparing them for next year’s FitnessGram testing. The 5th graders have been learning about the 5 different physical components of the FitnessGram test that they will be assessed on in February of this school year. In 6th grade we will be digging deeper into different fitness ideas and reviewing the results of last year’s assessments. The 4th – 6th grade students have also been exploring traditional and non-traditional sports, focusing on skill development through different group activities.

Engineering Lab

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Art Studio

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