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How To Transfer Your Child

The Chula Vista Elementary School District (CVESD) Board of Education endorses the neighborhood public school concept. A neighborhood school is the school assigned to students residing within the attendance boundaries of the school. However, the Board recognizes that parents/guardians may wish to choose a school of attendance other than the neighborhood school. The Board of Education believes that parent choice among our schools is an integral feature of a well-rounded educational environment.

Zone Transfer and Interdistrict Transfer Applications

Neighborhood school attendance areas are established to optimize use of school facilities and to avoid crowded conditions. Parents/guardians, however, may request zone transfers to schools within CVESD or interdistrict transfers to schools in other school districts. Transfer requests are generally approved as long as space is available in the school of choice.

Due to continued growth in Chula Vista, NO new transfers will be approved for eastern schools effective immediately.

  • Applications for new Zone Transfers may be submitted from March 1, 2017 through May 1, 2017 at your CVESD neighborhood school.
  • Renewal of Zone Transfers may be submitted February 22 through March 10, 2017 at the CVESD school of choice that your child currently attends.
  • Outgoing (new and renewal) interdistrict permits will be processed beginning March 1, 2017 with approved District Agreement.
  • Incoming (new and) interdistrict permits will be accepted for processing beginning May 1, 2017.

How to Apply for Zone Transfers

  • Obtain a Zone Transfer from your neighborhood school. Complete it in its entirety. An incomplete application could delay its consideration.
  • Submit your Zone Transfer request within the applicable application period shown above. Applications will be processed according to space availability.
  • Students must attend their neighborhood school until parents/guardians are notified by the Student Placement Office that space is available at the school of choice.
  • Completing a transfer application does not mean that a student will automatically be allowed to attend a school of choice. Students are admitted to schools in accordance with school district-established priorities.
  • When a priority category contains more applicants than available space, students’ names are placed on a waiting list at the school for space availability.
  • Zone Transfers are reviewed annually for continued placement.

Waiting Lists for Zone Transfer Requests

Schools maintain waiting lists for zone transfer requests. Waiting lists are prioritized by the date of application. When two zone transfer application dates are the same, applicants with siblings at the school of choice are given placement priority. The Student Placement Office or staff at neighborhood schools can discuss other options with applicants when transfers have been denied or if applicants have been placed on a waiting list.

How to Apply for Interdistrict Transfers to CVESD

  • Obtain an Interdistrict Transfer Application from your school district of residence. Complete the application in it's entirety; an incomplete application could delay the review process.
  • Once transfer authorization from the district of residence has been granted with the appropriate representative's signature, the Interdistrict Transfer Application must be submitted to the CVESD Student Placement Office for processing. The CVESD Student Placement Office is located at 84 East J St, Building 200, Chula Vista, CA 91910.
  • Interdistrict Transfer Applications will be processed when there is a District-to-District Agreement in place.
  • Parent/guardian will be notified by mail regarding the outcome of the transfer.
  • Should a request be denied, staff may assist in locating alternate options for placement. Interdistrict Transfers are not eligible to be placed on a wait list.
  • No transportation is provided for Interdistrict transfer placements.


The District may provide transportation for students whose residence is beyond the designated walking distance to their neighborhood school. Transportation must be provided by parents/guardians for students approved to attend a school outside their neighborhood school attendance area.

Transfer Back To The Neighborhood School

Students approved for zone transfer or interdistrict transfer shall abide by school rules and procedures. Students may be returned to their neighborhood school or to the district in which they live for any of the following reasons:

  • Continual disruption of the educational program at the school or inappropriate behavior on the bus.
  • Poor attendance, excessive tardiness, or children not picked up after school in a timely manner.
  • Failure to participate in the program for which the transfer was approved.
  • A student's return to the neighborhood school may take place at any time during the year upon request by the parent/guardian when space is available.

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