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GATE Program

The District is committed to enhancing the intellectual development of our gifted and talented students by providing opportunities for increased student learning.

Identification Process

Formal Assessment: Fall of Third Grade

All third graders and new fourth through sixth grade students are tested for possible qualification for GATE. The students are administered the Raven Plus Progressive Matrices by the school psychologist. Students scoring at the 95th percentile or above are referred to the Student Success Team (SST) as candidates for GATE identification.

CST and STS scores are used in conjunction with Raven Plus scores. Parents are notified through the school site whether or not their child qualifies for GATE identification. This is the new GATE Referral Form that includes the revised criteria.



Meeting the Needs of GATE Students

There are different ways to meet the needs of GATE students, such as:

  • Differentiation - Refers to tailoring instruction based on student need.
  • Flex Grouping - Grouping students on a temporary basis to allow for specific skills to be addressed.
  • Extended/Enrichment Activities - Robotiks, Photo Clubs, Junior Achievement, etc.

View GATE Parent Presentations:

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Parent University Series Presentations:

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Various organizations assist parents of GATE children:

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