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Our motto in Child Nutrition Services is “Our students are our customers.” We are committed to serving nourishing and satisfying meals at a reasonable cost. This is achieved by offering whole grain breads and pastas, vegetarian options, full salad bars with fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat milk options daily. We also strive to make breakfast and lunchtime fun by offering promotions like the Harvest of the Month, School BBQ’s and Alphabet Apple to Zucchini Salad Bars. It is our goal to provide meals that contribute to balanced nutrition and good health because we believe in the important fact that a healthy mind is a learning mind.

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To All Parents!

The 2017-2018 school year meal prices are:  Lunch $2.00 and Breakfast $1.00.

Eligible students may receive their meals at no cost or at a reduced cost (National School Lunch Program) based on your household income and size. To decrease the economic burden on those families that qualify for the reduced price meals, the District subsitdizes the cost of these student meals.

Click link for Meal Charge Standards for Unpaid Balances - effective July 1, 2017 

For additional information please contact the Child Nutrition Services Office at 619-425-9600 x1400.

My Tray

In response to the increasing concern for childhood obesity, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued its first major rewriting of nutritional guidelines for government-subsidized school lunches and breakfasts in more than 15 years. These changes require meals tobe healthier and served in smaller portions, with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, with less sodium and no trans fat.

MyTray is our new educational campaign for the elementary school meal program in Chula Vista, which communicates the USDA's new regulations for school meals to our students, parents, and staff. Our nutrition programs support the new regulations and have actively promoted the consumption of fruits and vegetables through our salad bars, service windows, and nutrition education. The MyTray campaign utilizes signage and visual elements to identify key steps in the service line to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Perhaps the most visible change to the program is that students who get school meals will be required to have at least one serving of vegetable or fruit on their tray.

To discover more about new Federal Regulations for school meals, please visit the USDA's National School Lunch Program website.


Child Nutrition Services feels it's important for your student to make a connection with what's on their tray and where their food comes from. That is why in 2012, we partnered with Food 4 Thought to bring the freshest seasonal produce to your school's cafeteria. Food 4 Thought is a company that brings quality produce into schools to help students eat healthy and, as a result, learn better. Through their 'Farm to School' program they are able to partner with small, family-owned California farms that share a commitment to student health and nutrition. We offer 3-5 different produce options in our Farm to School program. Please check the school menu to see which ones are available at your school this month. For more information on Food 4 Thought, please go to their website.


Harvest of the month was initially created by several local school districts in California as part of a broader nutrition education effort targeted toward lower-income students. Recognizing the value of this approach, the California Department of Public Health adopted Harvest of the Month in 2005, launching a statewide effort that is standardized, cost-effective, replicable, and available to all.

The program aims to increase the access and consumption of locally grown fruits and vegetables through school meal and farm to school programs. It also aims to expand familiarity with California grown fruits and vegetables, local farmers, the state’s rich agricultural bounty, and how food travels from the farm to our plates. Please click the link on Harvest of the Month for more information.

Child Nutrition Services has partnered with other San Diego County School Districts by adopting a yearly Harvest of the Month calendar to ensure the farmers know what to grow based on what we want to serve in our school. This will allow us to promote different types of produce in our school cafeterias each month and that it is ready and available for consumption by our students. Check out the Harvest of the Month Infographic for more information about the program and all that it provides our students and families.

Family Newsletter


Well • ness - noun

Definition: Physical well-being, especially when maintained or achieved through good nutrition and regular exercise.

The Chula Vista Elementary School District is commited to the health and well-being of each and every student. We can not do it alone, and with your help we will be successful in the important development of each student's mind and body. The District plays a critical role in curbing the epidemic of childhood health issues like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes which are directly associated with poor nutrition and inactivity. Please see our monthly Wellness Newsletter for more information and other interesting facts.

In 2004, Congress passed a law requiring every school district that uses federal dollars for school breakfast or lunch to create a local wellness policy by the start of the 2006-07 school year. (CVESD Board Policy 5030). The District’s local wellness policy applies to every school in the District. The policy will assist schools in improving the health of students by promoting physical activity and nutritious food. At CVESD, a Wellness Committee consisting of principals, teachers, nurses, community organizations, parents, students and school food service professionals, was created to assist and advise the district on health related issues and ways to improve the wellness policy.

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