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PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service (ESS)

PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service is Chula Vista Elementary School District's new Payroll system for viewing pay information online.  Employees can access information such as:
  • ​Viewing and printing a paycheck
  • Viewing voluntary deductions
  • Viewing and updating direct deposit information
  • ​Viewing and updating W-4 tax information
  • Viewing and printing W-2 tax forms  


IMPORTANT - Set up Forgotten Password Help when you have successfully logged in (instructions at bottom of page) in order to use the Forgot Password link!  

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Frequently Asked Questions



1.  ​​I don't know my PeopleSoft ESS User ID number.

Your User ID number is your 6-digit Payroll ID number, not your Employee ID number.  It is the same one you previously used to log in to Pay Stub Online.  If you don't know your Payroll ID number, please call Payroll (x1392). 

2.  ​I don't know my Password.  It's my first time logging into PeopleSoft ESS.

​For guidance logging in the first time with an auto-generated password, go to the SDCOE webpage titled, How to View Your Paycheck in PeopleSoft.

When you've logged in successfully, you will be directed to a page with a link that says 'Your password has expired.  Click here to reset your password.'  Follow the password requirements carefully to create a new password. (Don't forget to Set up your Forgotten Password Help in your profile.  See the bottom of this page for more information.)

​3.  I can't remember my password and ​I've previously logged into PeopleSoft ESS and changed my password.​Did you remember to include a special character when you tried to log in?  Your password for PeopleSoft must include the following:  Capital letter, lowercase letter, number, and a special character (totaling 7+ characters).  If you cannot remember your password, call the Help Desk (x1453) to have your password reset.

​4.  I'm trying to log in and can't.  The top of the page looks like this:


Return to the link for PeopleSoft ESS:   https://ess.erp.sdcoe.net

This link is on the drop down menu (under Employee Portal) on the CVESD website.  The top of the log in page should look like this:


5.  ​​I'm logged into PeopleSoft ESS but nothing happens when I select 'View Paycheck.'

The Pop-up blocker on your browser needs to be disabled.  If you're using Internet Explorer, check the bottom of your screen for a prompt to 'Allow Pop-ups' for this site.  If you're using another browser, research 'How to turn off Pop-up blocker' for the browser you are using. 

6.  I tried to select the 'Forgot Password' link and it didn't do anything.

Please see detailed instructions, below, to set up a Forgotten Password Help security question.
​7. Why are my absence balances showing as zero?The Chula Vista Elementary School District does not utilize the absence management feature in PeopleSoft. The only staff who will see a leave balance will be substitutes with sick leave under Assembly Bill 1522. CVESD employees should log into Employee Online to view leave balances.

How to Set Up Forgotten Password Help

(Retrieve a temporary password for logging into PeopleSoft by selecting 'Forgot Password' on the log in page.)


1.  Once you're logged into PeopleSoft, select 'My Profile' from the Main Menu tab (top left of page). 

2.  On the General Profile Information page, select the 'Change or set up forgotten password help' link.  You will then be prompted to select and answer a question.  If you forget your password, you'll receive a temporary password from PeopleSoft that will be sent to the email listed in the 'My Profile' section.

3.  After you set up your security question and answer, check that your email address is correct. If not, update your email, and click 'save' at the bottom of the page.


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