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Business Services Vision

The Business Services and Support Division is committed to providing timely, efficient, and cost-effective services to support both internal and external customer needs with the primary focus on needs of students in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

Decision Benchmarks

Decisions and priorities will be developed through three key benchmarks:

  • What is best for children.
  • Moral, ethical, and legal standards.
  • Consideration for impact on the entire District

As a team, we value diversity within our workforce as well as in our patterns of thinking. We provide an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect with emphasis on quality service and support. We value parent and community involvement as a means to better align resources with District needs and strategic goals.

Our entire division accepts the challenge of a rapidly changing world and commits to acquisition of appropriate training and technology to produce quality service and support for students in the District. We believe that our performance of our assignments makes a difference in the education of Chula Vista's children.

Assistant Superintendent for Business Services and Support:
Oscar Esquivel
619-425-9600 (x1373)
Email: Oscar.Esquivel@cvesd.org

Director of Fiscal Services:
Theresa Villanueva
619-425-9600 (x1391)
Email: Mariath.Villanueva@cvesd.org

District Financial Reports

2016-17 Adopted Budget
2016-17 Education Protection Act Expenditures
2016-17 First Interim Budget Report
2016-17 Second Interim Budget Report
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Community Facilities District (CFD) Information



The Payroll department is responsible for paying 2,500 contracted employees, but also some 700 part-time or substitutes each month. Aside from the regular payroll processing, there are many supplemental checks needed for programs such as summer school, extended session, and stipends for staff development days. In addition, Payroll handles voluntary deductions (other than insurance) such as union dues and tax sheltered annuities.

'Paystub Online' Payroll Check Stub - click here

In an effort to streamline operations and reduce costs, all District employee payroll check stubs are available for viewing and printing on the web. You must register an account to be able to access this website. In order to create your online account you will need the following:

  • One of your pay stubs
  • A valid e-mail address (this can be a work or private e-mail account)
  • You will also be prompted for your date of birth and the 4th and 5th digits of your Social Security Number
  • Click here to view Paystub Online
  • Click here for step by step instructions


Accounting employees are primarily involved with paying vendors for goods or services purchased by the District and reimbursing employees for work related expenses, travel or mileage. The Accounting Department also categorizes and accounts for District revenues. Deposits are made to the San Diego County Treasurer or local banks on a regular basis. Centralized accounting and issuance of checks for all student council accounts is provided by this department.

Attendance Accounting

Each school in the District is connected via the network to the Student Information System. This provides the average daily attendance (ADA) information which is summarized by the District attendance accounting technician who submits the state attendance reports. An independent study program is in place that gives students the opportunity to continue their learning while away from school which also increases ADA.

Along with the various attendance duties, Attendance Accounting coordinates and submits the "Application for School Assistance in Federally Affected Areas," commonly known as Federal Survey Cards. The total revenue from this source is divided almost equally between students living on base housing and students whose parents are in, or are connected to, the military.

Publication Services

Services offered by your Publications Department:

  1. Digital High Speed and Color Printing: Production of high quality digital prints. Most requests are returned within 24 hours.
  2. High Volume Offset Printing : Used to meet large volume, high quality printing. Most requests are returned within 24 hours.
  3. Large Format Printing Production of black and white or color prints of almost any size.
  4. Transparencies Production of black and white or color Transparencies.
  5. Posters Production of black and white or color posters of almost any size.
  6. Folding: Documents can be folded in a variety of ways.
  7. Binding: Binding of documents with a variety of options.
  8. Cutting Sizes available from: 2" x 3" to 25" x 50".
  9. Stapling: A variety of stapling options.
  10. Collating: A variety of collating options.
  11. Hole Punching Production of many different punching combinations depending on your needs.
  12. Envelopes Printing Production of very high quality envelopes in a variety of sizes
  13. Laminating is available from 2" to 25" wide.
  14. Year Books Production of high quality digital prints, collated, folded and stapled in a matter of days.
  15. Group Mailings We can produce the print, fold, insert, address, meter and deliver to the Post Office.

Operations and Communications Services and Support Department

The Operations and Communications Services and Support Department is committed to working in a cross-divisional, interdepartmental manner to support the needs of students and families in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

Using our District’s Student-Based Decision Making Process, our targeted efforts combine to ensure timely, multilingual communication with the public; community engagement; expanded resources and funding for schools; and safe and supportive learning environments.

Our department accepts the challenge to find new models to educate children and serves as a liaison with charter schools and comprehensive school reform models in the quest for new learning methodologies.

Using technology to work smarter, we coordinate with other divisions and departments to provide customer feedback that will inform our actions as a District bringing user-friendly information to loop customer feedback into our decision-making process. Our entire department recognizes the urgency of providing the highest quality education for our students. Our daily actions will support the best possible future for all children.

Executive Director
Ernesto Villanueva
619-425-9600 (x1325)
E-mail: ernesto.villanueva@cvesd.org

Administrative Assistant:
Jamie Tortorici
619-425-9600 (x1326)

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