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Education Service and Support Center Departments

Browse our department listing to find the right contact. Some of the departments are linked to their web page for more information. If you don't find the right contact listed, please call our main line at 619-425-9600 for assistance.


Administrative Offices

(619) 425-9600

Superintendent's Office x1300
- Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education x1311
- Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent x1312

Business Services and Support


Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services & Support x1370
Accounts Payable (Vendors A-F) x1387
Accounts Payable (Vendors G-O) x1378
Accounts Payable (Vendors P-Z) x1390
Budget x1379
Child Nutrition Services x1400
Facilities x1420
Finance x1380
Information Technology Services x1450
- Information Technology Help Desk x1453
Payroll x1392
Publications x1470
Purchasing x1480
Student Placement x1570
Transportation 656-5600
- Operations/Dispatch 656-5600
- Special Needs Transportation 656-5600
Warehousing/Delivery x1440

Human Resources Services and Support


Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Services & Support x1341
Administrative Assistant x1344
Offices of the Directors for Human Resources Services & Support x1348
- Credentialing x1342
- Substitute Desk x1350
- Certificated x1346
- Classified x1347
- Contracts x1349
PAR/BTSA x1503

Risk Management


Instructional Services and Support


The Living Coast Discovery Center (619) 476-7836
Communications x1328
Community Liaison/District Translator x1524
Health Services x1508
Operations and Instruction x1326
Instructional Technology and Media Services x1550
Language Acquisition and Development x1520
Language Assessment Support x1545
Preschool Office x1510
Public Information x1320
PTA Office x1487
Research and Evaluation x1509
Special Education and Pupil Services x1700
Student, Family & Community Services x1510

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