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Students in the Chula Vista Elementary School District experience a rigorous 21st Century learning environment that is rooted in effective teaching practices and high-quality instruction. Our mission is to nurture every child's imagination, intellect, and sense of inquiry. Working collaboratively, we tap a collective intelligence rich with the spirit and creativity necessary for students to become difference makers.

Located in southern San Diego County, the District's 45 schools serve more than 29,300 students, primarily in grades K-6. Our schools serve a vibrant, diverse community that features a blend of residential areas, recreational facilities, open space, and light industry.

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The District Education Service and Support Center is located at 84 East J Street, Chula Vista, CA 91910.

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ESSC main telephone:
(619) 425-9600
(619) 427-0463

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Chula Vista ESD Quick Facts

  • Established: 1892
  • Square miles: 103
  • Population areas served: 318,148 residents in Chula Vista, Bonita, Sunnyside, and South San Diego
  • Students served: 29,200 (including charter middle schools)
  • Number of schools: 45 (including 5 dependent charter schools), plus 2 independent charter schools
  • Number of Certificated Employees: 1,482
  • Number of Classified Employees: 1,160
  • $227,842,444 Operational Budget for 2014-15 (not including charters)
  • $44,296,460 Charter Budget for 2014-15
  • 15% of Students Enrolled in Charter Schools
  • Class Sizes averaging 23 or less in Grades TK-3
  • Class Sizes averaging 28 or less in Grades 3-6
  • Dual Language Acquisition Programs
  • State-funded Preschools
  • 35% English Learners
  • 4.19% administrative overhead (among the lowest in San Diego County)

Ethnic Composition

  • 68 percent Hispanic
  • 13 percent White
  • 11 percent Filipino
  • 04 percent African-American
  • 03 percent Asian/Pacific Islander
  • 01 percent Other

In November 1998, the District community overwhelmingly passed a $95 million General Obligation Bond. This money was used to repair classrooms and leaky roofs; install fire safety improvements; replace outdated plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems; provide handicapped access; and acquire new classrooms and facilities to relieve overcrowding. The project completed in August 2005. A total of 17 schools were modernized under this funding.

In November 2012, a general obligation bond, Proposition E (Prop E), was approved by 67 percent of eligible District voters. Prop E creates a School Facilities Improvement District (SFID) encompassing 31 of our then-44 schools. Prop E will cost taxpayers less than $2.45 per month per $100,000 of assessed valuation, and will provide $90 million to be invested in:

  • Upgrading computer labs and classrooms with wireless technology
  • Repairing and modernizing aging classrooms and school facilities
  • Replacing temporary classrooms that have exceeded their useful life with new permanent structures
  • Improving student safety by installing additional lighting, fencing, and security equipment, and
  • Installing energy cost saving systems.

For more information go to the CDE website at: District Data Summary on CDE Ed-Data


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