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Business Services and Support

Oscar Esquivel
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services and Support:
Phone: 619-425-9600 Ext. 1310

Lisa Brannen
Business Services and Support Specialist
Phone: 619-425-9600 Ext. 1372

Claire De Soto
Administrative Secretary:
Phone: 619-425-9600 Ext.1373

Our Vision

The Business Services and Support Division is committed to providing timely, efficient, and cost-effective services to support both internal and external customer needs with the primary focus on needs of students in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

Decision Benchmarks

Decisions and priorities will be developed through three key benchmarks:

  • What is best for children.
  • Moral, ethical, and legal standards.
  • Consideration for impact on the entire District

As a team, we value diversity within our workforce as well as in our patterns of thinking. We provide an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect with emphasis on quality service and support. We value parent and community involvement as a means to better align resources with District needs and strategic goals.

Our entire division accepts the challenge of a rapidly changing world and commits to acquisition of appropriate training and technology to produce quality service and support for students in the District. We believe that our performance of our assignments makes a difference in the education of Chula Vista's children.

Business Services Department Directory

      Main Phone: 619-425-9600

​Department ​Contact Name ​Extension
​Child Nutrition Services ​Jeff Landers

CNS Office Staff

​Ext. 1401
Ext. 1400
​Emergency Preparedness ​Sherry Stone Ext. 1327 
​Facilities and Planning  ​Rudy Valdez-Romero

Carolyn Scholl

​Ext. 1425
Ext. 1375

​Finance/Accounting/Budget/Accounts Payable

​Theresa Villanueva

Bernie Faustino
Office Staff

Ext. 1391
Ext. 1383
Ext. 1380
​Information Technology ​Maria Grabowski

Jose Escobar
Help Desk

Ext. 1463
Ext. 1460
Ext. 1453

​Payroll ​Espy Carrasco

Office Staff

Ext. 1393
Ext. 1392
​Purchasing/Warehouse/Publications ​Ann Pering

Office Staff

Ext. 1483
Ext. 1480
​Student Placement ​Lisa Butler

Office Staff

Ext. 1571
Ext. 1570
​Transportation ​Theron Neal


Ext. 161602
Ext. 161630

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