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Nutrition Education


Things Schools Can Do...

  • Integrate nutrition education materials into core academic subjects and through before-and after-school programs
  • Encourage children to stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day
  • Provide time for moderate to vigorous physical activity during P.E. and encourage students to “be active” during recess breaks
  • Encourage students to eat all fruits and vegetables and drink their milk during lunch, and promote healthy snacks
  • Celebrate classroom and student achievements by going out and playing a game!


Things Parents Can Do...

  • Encourage eating a healthy breakfast…it’s the most important meal of the day!
  • Read nutrition labels with your child.
  • Substitute water for sodas and sugary beverages (like sport drinks).
  • Reduce eating at fast food restaurants
  • Plan and participate in fun, physical, family activities with your child like walking or biking to school
  • Limit TV/computer/video time or...... get up and exercise during the commercials!

Things We Can All Do...

  • Be a good role model; eat healthy and exercise on a daily basis!
  • Know your food or beverage "serving size" versus portion amount!
  • Turn off the TV, computer or telephone and get up and move!

*Watch “Portion Distortion” to learn more!

Child Nutrition Services

The Chula Vista Elementary School District takes part in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. Meals are served every school day. Currently students may buy lunch for $1.50 and breakfast for $1.00.

Eligible students may receive meals free or for a reduced price of $.40 for lunch and $.30 for breakfast. Child Nutrition Services follows the "Offer vs. Serve" program as stipulated by the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program. Breakfast and Lunch is served at all sites. Students are offered three entree choices at lunch and breakfast. Each site has a complete salad bar that consists of salad, fruit, and vegetables, and their choice of low fat milk or non-fat milk. Child Nutrition Services serves meals at 44 elementary school sites, including preschool programs and in all after school snack programs at qualified sites.

Other Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services - U.S. Food and Drug Administration

USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Project LEAN (Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition)

  • School Food Standards Calculator - These Food Standards Calculators will determine if an individual food item would meet the food standards for calories, fat, saturated fat, and sugar established by California’s legislation (SB 12). There are separate calculators for elementary versus middle/high school

Dairy Council of California

Provides a variety of grade level curriculum materials for educators as well as numerous resources for parents and after school providers


Nutrition and Fitness link for parents, kids and teens also resource for teachers too!

KidsHealth - Power Drinks: Should Your Child Drink Them?

Dole 5-a-Day - Dole provides many downloadable and interactive resources to teachers and parents

American Heart Association – Children’s Health Resources

CVESD Wellness Newsletter

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Portion Distortion


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