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Our 44 schools serve more than 27,500 students across 103 square miles, which is an extraordinary number of facilities to manage. Behind these impressive statistics you will find an equally extraordinary community, where expectations regarding sustainability and social responsibility are high. Our parents, students, faculty and community care about the environment. We set the bar high in terms of being energy-aware and conservation-minded. In the long run, building green, thinking green is a highly effective strategy for meeting the energy, resource, and climate challenges facing our country.

Being Energy Efficient Every Day

Title 24 energy-efficiency standards are top of mind for the conservation-minded Chula Vista Elementary School District. CVESD is remarkable for its highly sophisticated approach to energy management and for building one of the most energy-efficient schools in the state. In fact, CVESD’s newest school was designed from the outset to surpass Title 24 standards.

As a large energy user, the District’s top conservation priorities involve HVAC equipment, lighting, and technology hardware, such as personal computers, digital projectors, and document cameras. All new or retrofitted roofs are Title 24-approved “Cool Roofs” that are lighter in color and have better insulation, meaning we use less energy to heat and cool the school building. The improvements don’t stop there, however. We have also installed a thermal solar heating system, lighting retrofits with occupancy sensors, energy management controls, and HVAC equipment. Keeping the many schools well-lit prompted the District to replace all T12, 40-watt fluorescent lamps with 32-watt T8 lamps with electronic ballasts and motion sensors. The District also upgraded to high energy-efficient air-conditioning units.

Head of the Class

Thanks to a centralized energy management system (EMS), many of CVESD’s energy-efficiency measures happen automatically. Located at the District’s main office, the sophisticated EMS controls air conditioning, hot water, and exterior lighting. For example, the sophisticated HVAC energy managment system allowsw a technician (pictured above) at the District's Education Service and Support Center to detect whether a classroom door is open, monitor and set temperatures in a given classroom, building or the entire school. In addition, central computers monitor weather conditions and soil moisture content and respond by turning irrigation systems on or off as needed. A demand control ventilation system measures CO2 levels in every classroom and automatically makes adjustments as needed.


The District recycles more than 20 types of products.

Last school year, our electronic equipment recycling partner, Technology Training Foundation of America, removed more than 1,700 outdated electronic devices and provided CVESD with 760 new model computers for use in classrooms and offices. Recycling this electronic equipment kept over 66,000 pounds out of landfills. In addition to electronic equipment, we recycled 476 tons of paper, 9,300 cases of lunch trays, 12,600 fluorescent lamps, and 950 pounds of alkaline and lithium batteries.


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