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Chula Vista Community Resources


Useful contacts are grouped below. Please take special note of the safety contacts for our area.

Hotline Contacts

California Youth Crisis Line 800-843-5200
Child Abuse 858-560-2191 / 800-344-6000
Crime Stoppers 619-235-8477
Crisis Line 800-479-3339
Drug Abuse 858-694-8497
Graffiti Removal(CV) 619-691-5198
Graffiti Removal(SD) 619-525-8522
INFO Hotline (County) 619-230-0997
National Runaway Switchboard 800-621-4000
Reporting Tobacco Sales to Minors 800-527-5443
Runaway Shelter (CV) 619-420-4663
Suicide Prevention 800-479-3339

Safety Contacts

San Diego County Sheriff's (CV-area) 619-662-7233
Chula Vista Police Department 619-691-5151
Emergency 911
Imperial Beach Police 619-662-7057
San Diego Police Department 858-531-2065
San Diego County Sheriff's 858-565-5200
US Border Patrol - Chula Vista 619-662-7233
US Border Patrol -Imperial Beach 619-662-7057

Safe School Information

Points of Interest


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