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Community Programs

The District has a number of model programs and partnerships in place to support students. Examples include the OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring Program, the Coastal Education Program at the Living Coast Discovery Center, Junior Achievement, and the Exercise the Dream Program at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center. The City of Chula Vista also partners in many District activities.

For information about the City's Public Library services, click here.

For information about CVESD Living Coast Discovery Center programs, click here.

The San Diego County Library's calendar of events includes information on hundreds of free programs at its 33 community locations, including the Bonita-Sunnyside Branch Library.

Safe Routes to School

The purpose of the federal Safe Routes to School Program is to get more children to walk and bicycle to school. It is a movement that aims to make everyday “walk to school day.” More children walking means they are more physically active and there are environment benefits as well because of the reduced traffic congestion.

Safe Routes to Schools works by organizing Task Forces at each school, which in turn organize events and contests, and assist with promotion and facilitation of walking to school. Local “Task Forces” work together with law enforcement and city officials to map the routes to schools and make the routes physically safer. The program also includes education for pedestrian safety skills.

Learn how Safe Routes to School programs and policies increase physical activity opportunities and increase pedestrian safety from the experts: Lisa Cirill, Acting Chief of California Active Communities; Ted Link-Oberstar, a Safe Routes to School Parent Advocate; and Melissa Minas, Program Manager for the Chula Vista Elementary School District. To view their video workshop, produced in partnership with the California School Boards Association (CSBA) and California Active Communities, click here.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Toolkit

The CVESD SRTS Toolkit is designed to expand and sustain Safe Routes to School programs through the District.  The SRTS program is a collaboration among parents, community members, students, school officials, cities; staff, and public safety officers to identify and address potential safety issues and strategize ways to encourage students to become more phylically active.  Any school can participate in SRTS, and this toolkit serves as a guide for designing and implementing SRTS programs for school communities. For information on forming a “Safe Routes to School” Program at your school, please refer to the SRTS Toolkit (click here) or contact Melissa Minas, SRTS Project Manager, at 619-425-9600 x1515 or email melissa.minas@cvesd.org. Please visit the website for the National Center for Safe Routes to School: http://www.saferoutesinfo.org/


Neighborhood Pace Car Program

CVESD’s "Neighborhood Pace Car" program encourages parents to drive 25 miles per hour and facilitate "traffic calming" during peak traffic hours. Drivers displaying thethe "Neghborhood Pace Car" magnet on their vehicle, have made the pledge to encourage residents to take responsibility for the impact of their own driving, while setting the "pace" for safer streets and neighborhoods.

To receive a removeable magnet for your car, please contact Melissa Minas, SRTS Project Manager, at 619-425-9600 x1515 or email melissa.minas@cvesd.org.


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