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Microsoft Office 365 Education
Introduces the Student Advantage Program


What is the Student Advantage Program?

Academic institutions that are Microsoft customers and license Office for all faculty/staff are eligible to offer Office to their students at no additional cost. Students will be able to take advantage of free Office 2016. Your child's FREE Office subscription includes:

(Note: Most Windows Tablets and Windows Phones come with Office installed)

  • 5 installations of the full versions of Microsoft Office:
    Office 2016 for PC running Win7 and above
    Office 2016 for Mac
  • 5 activations of Office Mobile:
    Office for iPad with full editing rights (iTunes download)
    Office for iPhone (iTunes download)
    Office for Android (Google Play download)
  • 1 Terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage as their 'Digital Locker'
  • 50 gigabyte mailbox
  • Office Online, the browser-based version of Office for coauthoring and collaboration
  • Various collaboration and communication tools between teachers and students

What happens when a student graduates or transfers to another school?

When you close that student's domain account either for graduation or because the student stops attending your school district for any reason, the student's Office subscription obtained through your school district ends. Students may purchase other available consumer or commercial versions of Office.

Who provides customer support for the student downloads of Office?

Your school district's Help Desk provides support for the student. If you have a student with issues downloading or activating the software, you can post your question to the Forums on http://community.Office365.com or your designated support contact with Microsoft can contact Office 365 support through the Troubleshooting section of the Office 365 community. If students have questions about how to use the different Office products, they can submit their questions to the varioius forums on http://answers.microsoft.com.

Chula Vista Elementary School District is excited to support student success this 2016-2017 school year and beyond by providing all enrolled students with five full copies of Office at no cost!



Good news! If you are a student in the Chula Vista Elementary School District, you have an Office 365 account.

Sign in here: Sign into Office 365

Use this formula for signing in:

Username: ID#@live.cvesd.org (use your CVESD ID# as your username, followed by @live.cvesd.org)

Password: Upper case first letter of first name, lower case first letter of last name, followed by the 8 digit birthdate in the mmddyyyy format

** For example, the log in for a student named Adam Green, ID #222333, born on May 4, 2004, would be as follows:

Username: 222333@live.cvesd.org

Password: Ag05042004


Install or Update to Office on up to 5 personal devices now, at no cost!

Office 2016 requires Windows 7 or newer.Office 2016 requires Windows 7 or newer.

To install, click Office 365 and then select Install Now on the screen.


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