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A Community Approach

In 1993, the Board of Education and superintendent engaged groups of grassroots school/community stakeholders in a bold process for District reorganization. This unprecedented District action set the tone for altruistic excellence in school board governance and positioned the District to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Out of this process, the Board adopted the organization's Shared Vision, Shared Values, Student-Based Decision Making, and Strategic Goals.

Shared Vision

  • The Chula Vista Elementary School District is committed to providing a successful, safe, challenging, and nurturing education experience, while promoting the joy and importance of learning for all our children.
  • Our children are high-achieving innovative thinkers. They are multiliterate, self-reliant, and confident. They have a lifelong love of learning and are socially responsible citizens. The District takes pride in developing each child's full potential, while recognizing his or her uniqueness.
  • We value and find strength in our diversity. Learning is meaningful and relevant, connected with each child's individual needs, ethics, culture, and experiences and is linked with the world outside the classroom.
  • Families, staff, and our entire community are full partners actively working in a collaborative manner for the benefit of each child's education. Together we have an investment in our District's Vision and believe a child's success equals our success. We ensure an environment in which everyone is valued and treated with dignity and respect. Everyone assumes responsibility for the success of the school community.
  • The entire educational community accepts the challenge of change and is motivated to acquire skills and values for a rapidly changing world. We create dynamic learning experiences by supporting and encouraging excellent teaching and the educational growth of family and staff.
  • The Chula Vista Elementary School District community is dedicated to instilling hope for the future so that today's children will share their vision with future generations.

Shared Value


  • We believe each child is an individual of great worth entitled to develop to his or her full potential.
  • All children can and will learn, and deserve equal access to a quality education.


  • We believe there is no significant difference in educational outcomes based on race, gender, or economic status.
  • Solutions, resources, programs, services and support are applied in a manner which develops the full potential of each child.


  • We value and recognize individuals who assume responsibility for and demonstrate commitment and dedication to serving the interests of all children.

Ethical Responsibility

  • We value each individual who practices, teaches and serves as a role model of dignity, respect, honesty, integrity, and trust.


  • We seek, encourage, and respect each individual's contributions and value a multicultural perspective.


  • We believe that families are the primary role models for our children.
  • We are committed to teamwork and collaboration to provide maximum services for students, staff, and community.
  • This partnership among families, community, and schools is the foundation of our children's educational success.


  • We are committed to challenging the status quo and embracing a technological world.


  • We are committed to high standards of performance throughout the District and continuously seek and utilize new knowledge and skills.

Decision Making

Improving student learning, ethical responsibility, and stakeholder involvement are three principles we work with in the decision making process. The following essential questions provide guidelines as we apply these principles.

How does the decision improve student learning?

  • Rationale or evidence that it makes a difference for all children
  • Support for our vision statement

Is the decision illegal, unethical or immoral?

  • Support our values statement

Is there adverse impact on others?

  • Collaboration with staff, parents, community
  • Data collection / research
  • "District" included in problem solving process
  • Fiscal and personnel impact

How are individual needs balanced with group needs?

  • Equity

Strategic Goals


  • All students will exit elementary school as multiliterate life-long learners with a mastery of essential skills.


  • All students will have access to academic programs and resources that will enable each child to achieve his/her full potential.


  • With the school as the center, the entire community will become full partners in education, responsible for each child's success.


  • All participants in the educational process will have the resources and knowledge to successfully participate in the information based society of the twenty-first century.

Safe and Supportive Environment

  • All members of the school community will enjoy a safe, caring, and stimulating environment.

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