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Maximizing Efficient Water Use

Did you know advances in technology have helped schools across the District save at least 8 million gallons of water annually? From waterless urinals to a central irrigation control system, the District is at the leading edge of water conservation.

Central Controller Adjusts Usage, Detects Leaks

67 irrigation controllers at 41 schools and the District Bus Yard are connected to a centralized irrigation controller, which receives local weather data from four strategically placed weather stations. The controllers adjust water usage based on current weather conditions.

One of the great features of this system is that it notifies the Facilities department when a water valve or sprinkler head is broken. In the past, a broken sprinkler head over a weekend would have wasted hundreds of gallons of water before being detected and repaired. Now, with our centralized irrigation control management system, a broken sprinkler is immediately detected. The line is shut off, and an electronic alert is sent to the District's Facilities department for a repair order. Consider we have 44 campuses. Imagine the number of gallons of water already saved by this technology.

Saving Water

The District received grants for waterless urinals from Metropolitan Water District and the Otay Water District. Currently, there are waterless urinals at 18 schools. This year, the District installed an additional 106 new units for a total of 198. Based on the manufacturer’s estimates, we save an estimated 40,000 gallons per fixture per year. This represents 8 million gallons in a year Districtwide!

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